Our courses

Research shows that teaching through positive feedback and gentle (not critical) correction causes children to attend classes, helps them become better and learn happily, becoming proud of them!

At Stewart English School you will be able to enroll in online courses specially designed for 4 age categories: preschoolers (4-6 years), primary school (6-11 years), middle school (12+ years) and English courses for companies.

We have prepared, in addition to online English courses for children and French or German language courses.

English online for kids


All of our teachers are native speakers and use international methods that help children learn English quickly and naturally. Small online groups (maximum 6 children) allow teachers to pay attention to each student and talk to all children at each online course. We use interactive methods of encouragement, which makes English class a positive experience for the child.

English for companies


Stewart Business offers courses to companies in Bucharest. We prepare and deliver tailor-made Business courses for your company, the industry in which it operates, adapted to specific needs and situations. We will take the time to understand the specific needs of each client and create the course that suits them. The courses are conducted online with our native English speaking teachers.

French online for kids


Parlez-vous francais? The online – live courses take place in a relaxed atmosphere, in small groups, and the lessons address topics of interest to children. Teachers have a French academic background, which gives children the opportunity to learn about French culture and to be exposed to international teaching methods.

German online for kids


Your child will enjoy a unique learning experience with native German speakers. Online courses offer children a playful way to learn German. Being a difficult language to learn, the use of interactive teaching methods by teachers will make the child assimilate the language in a natural way, through play.