Online English courses for children

– Interactive courses in the online environment for children, for the period in which they stay at home. –

Conversations and English classes between students and our native English-speaking teachers will be held live in front of a computer. Learning from native teachers, children are exposed to authentic English and diverse cultures. Online classroom management, thinking and leadership are approached differently at Stewart English. Interaction with members of other cultures will broaden children’s horizons and prepare them for experiences from other backgrounds.

What Makes Us Special

Our teachers are all native speakers and use international methods to help your child learn English as  quickly and naturally as possible. Small groups allow teachers to focus on individual students and speaking with every child, every class. Encouraging Methods means learning English is a positive experience for your child.

About our online English language courses

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Preschool (4-6 years)

Classes: 30 minutes, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)

Cost: 200 lei per month (8 sessions)

Online courses for preschoolers are held twice a week and introduce children to English in a playful way. Classes are 100% English, encouraging learning organically, naturally. In the classes we focus on listening and speaking skills using visual materials that support the learning process.

What will my child learn?
The child will be constantly exposed to English. Even if each child is different, most of them will be able to introduce themselves, they will acquire an age-appropriate vocabulary and some notions of grammar. They will be able to answer simple questions and use some polite formulas. They will follow instructions and play educational games in English.
Most importantly, your child will understand and have the necessary knowledge to be able to have easy conversations in primary school.

Primary (6-11 years)

Classes: 55 minutes, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)

Cost: 400 lei per month (8 sessions)

The classes will continue to have a positive approach, to be fun and attractive. The children will speak and will be spoken only in English. Online classes for younger children will address basic phonetics and simple, written word recognition, while classes for older children will address speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Cursuri de engleză online

What will my child learn?

The child will be continuously exposed to English spoken by native teachers. Even though each child is different, most will be able to have a conversation on a variety of topics by the end of elementary school. Your child will be able to understand quite a lot of English and will have the tools to start deciphering unfamiliar words and expressions without the help of the teacher. He will master the basic grammar of English quite well and will be able to read and write complex texts better and better. The classes are designed to prepare students for the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams.

Secondary (12+)

Classes: 55 minutes, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)

Cost: 400 lei per month (8 sessions)

The classes for middle school children are designed and created to incite lively discussions and reasoned debates. These include speaking, listening, reading and writing, but focus on speaking and listening while reading and writing skills are divided between online class time – live and homework.

Cursuri de engleză online

What will my child learn?
The child will be constantly exposed to English spoken by native teachers. You will be able to observe your child expressing his thoughts with more and more precision both in writing and orally. He will feel comfortable in conversations with native speakers.
They will be able to create complex texts and will be prepared to study in any cultural environment, if they wish.

The first online meeting is Free. The child will participate in an evaluation of approximately 20 minutes, 1: 1 with the teacher.

Discount: 5% for trimester payment (24 sessions)

Registration period: June – August 2021

Classes start on: 6 September 2021


More about Stewart Languages

Continuous encouragement

Research shows that teaching through positive feedback and gentle (not critical) correction causes children to attend classes, helps them become better and learn happily, becoming proud of them!

International and interactive methods

Learning can be fun! Our methods motivate, create memorable moments and a special affinity for English. We want to create a solid foundation for the future success of children.

Native Teachers

Learning from a native speaker has the benefit of exposing the child to various cultures, concepts, ways of thinking and learning authentic language in a natural way. The interactive content, which includes vocabulary games, makes English classes so much fun that kids don’t make the learning effort!

Small groups

Small groups (maximum 6 children) ensure the conversation of each child with the teacher at each lesson. Small groups allow teachers to get to know children better, helping them to adapt their lessons to their needs and level. Dedicated attention makes children get involved and learn with enthusiasm.

Learn English from anywhere

We organize online English courses. Now your child can take English classes right inside the house. Our native English teachers will interact and teach online, using interactive and engaging learning methods.

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